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"My HbA1c is the best its been in 10 years!"

"My HbA1c is the best its been in 10 years!"

Published on 12th Jun, 2022

Andrew Dryburgh struggled to control his blood glucose and HbA1c after being diagnosed 13 years ago. After joining the Low Carb Program he's lowered his HbA1c from 9% to 5.6% and he's lost nearly 2 stone.

What made you decide to join the Low Carb Program? How much did you know about it?

I have been a diabetic for 13 years following a diet set out by the diabetes centre, which didn't make a difference to my blood glucose or HbA1C. Since joining the Low Carb Program my HbA1c is at its best in 10 years!

What dietary advice had you been given previously?

I was being advised to eat carbohydrates in every meal but this was gradually increasing the amount of insulin I needed to be on. I eventually came across the Low Carb Program on diabetes.co.uk, which my dietician didn’t see any problem in me trying, so I gave it a go!

What results have you seen?

Since joining the program my HbA1C has dropped by 3 points and my average blood glucose has dropped to where my insulin dosage has now been reduced. I’ve lost nearly 2 stone and feel so much better for it!

Did you find it difficult to make the changes or experience any negative side effects?

I found it difficult initially as I used to eat a lot of bread but this passed within a week or two. I was testing my blood glucose levels so I could already see the change within that time. Now I’m no longer feeling hungry or searching for carbs; my wife’s amazed!

How do you stay motivated?

I stuck with the low carb videos and expanded my knowledge with other books and videos, including a few of Michael Mosley’s books.


Have you tried any other diets in the past?

I’ve followed many diets like Weight Watchers and Scottish slimmers but I’ve always felt hungry because of the calorie restriction. I don't feel like i’m on diet anymore as I’m eating the way that I want and enjoying it!

What have you learnt from the program, did anything surprise you?

I’ve learnt to generally eat more vegetables and the surprising sugar content in particular fruit.

Did you make any lifestyle changes alongside the diet?

I feel much more positive and have lots more energy, it’s made me want to take my dogs out for more walks and exercise a little more.

Have you got a favourite low carb recipe to share?

I’ve got lots of new recipes! I tested a low carb beef curry on my wife who didn’t notice that I’d used cauliflower rice!

I’ve also bought myself a spiralizer that I use to make courgette noodles.

What advice would you give to someone just starting the Low Carb Program?

My advice would be to do it gradually. Over 2 weeks I cut out bread and increased the amount and variety of vegetables I ate each day. It also made a big difference testing at home to work out how many carbohydrates were best. I now try to keep below 75g per day. My HbA1c levels were around 9%, after those 2 weeks they had reduced to below 5% with the occasional hypo as I was trying to work out the carbohydrates. Now my levels are steady and averaging around 5.6%.

Is there anything you’re still unsure about? Do you have a question for our experts?

No I’m happy with what I’ve learnt; I think I’m in the honeymoon phase as I feel great and no longer lethargic!

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