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Karen's HbA1c is no longer within the diabetic range

Karen's HbA1c is no longer within the diabetic range

Published on 9th Jun, 2022

Karen was diagnosed in January 2018 with type 2 diabetes and a HbA1c of 103 mmol/mol (11.6%). Before diagnosis she had been experiencing tingling in her feet, an early sign of neuropathy, and by the time she was diagnosed she had high blood pressure. She asked her doctor if it was possible to put her type 2 diabetes into remission but was told it wasn’t possible and it’s progressive.

That night she joined the Diabetes.co.uk forum, she read that a low carb high fat diet could help to put type 2 diabetes into remission and embarked upon the Low Carb Program.

In July, after only 7 months her HbA1c was 41 mmol/mol, meaning it was close to within normal range, and she’d lost a total of 44kg (7st).

Not long after Karen’s success, her husband had been told that he had prediabetes and decided to follow the low carb approach himself. He’s already lost 11kg (1st 10lbs) by eating the same meals as Karen.

Watch our interview with Karen and her husband from Diabetes Digital Media’s low carb meet-up in 2018.

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